2001 Mustang Bullitt GT from Ford

2001 saw the first factory built Mustang to offer the ‘Bullitt’ model. Based on the new platform Mustang GT it aimed to bring the characteristics of the original to a new generation. Key to the project was the addition of a tuned exhaust system giving the 4.6ltr V8 265 bhp engine a growl to mimic the rumble and roar of the original soundtrack.


Considering the punishment the original 1968 cars took over the steep gradients of San Francisco their suspension were upgraded and strengthened. These 2001 versions also had up rated springs and shocks, heavy duty anti-roll bars and reinforced connection points. This allowed for a lower profile than the standard GT model The car came in a choice of three colors, the original Dark Highland Green, black and True Blue. To make sure there was no doubt about the intention the name BULLITT was added to the tail and inside the door sills.